A New Song

Help Share a Needed Message with the World

A New Song is a religious and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of song to unite, inspire, and give strength to all people.
Our foundation is the holy Torah, from which we bring a true message for the entire range of the Jewish people and
all of mankind.
We encourage anyone and everyone who want to be a part of spreading a positive and hopeful message throughout the world in these difficult times to join and help support our cause.
All of the donations we receive go directly to further our goal of effecting positive changes for all individuals, families, communities, and eventually, the world.
Specifically, we will harness the power of modern technology and connectivity to share uplifting music...
These positive changes will happen as people begin to replace the destructive and selfish messages that have been delivered with songs that have a message of faith and goodwill to the human race.