A New Song

Looking at the past, whenever there has been a need for change, we have found something new, exciting and different in music. The sound of music reaches ears and has proven to be a successful vehicle to bring a message to all humankind. 

Think about the message we get from the music we hear, how our thoughts, speech and actions are so influenced. What if the airwaves were filled with songs that speak about the striving to become better people? 

With this idea, I have established a not for profit organization called A New Song. A New Song is a charity (tax ID: 852049604) dedicated to using the power of music to unite, inspire and give strength to people from all walks of life. Our desire is to see individuals, families and communities enlightened and motivated to doing good things. 

All of your donations enable us to promote our artists and their positive messages throughout the world. With technology today we can reach so many people. Music is such an incredible tool; let's use it for good! I encourage anyone and everyone to listen to the songs we are promoting and choose to help promote a message you feel good about. 

Donate now and join me by becoming a part of using the power of music to make positive changes throughout the world .

Wishing you all only good things.

A New Song is a charity dedicated to using the power of music to unite, inspire people from all walks of life.

A New Song is a charity using the power of music to unite and inspire people from all walks of life. Click image to learn more.

A Wonderment of Life

Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi NYC Singer Songwriter

One of the reasons love of husband and wife does not always endure is because people are takers and not givers. When they desire children then they give because they now desire too but as soon as this weakens they are back to being takers again without even recognizing that they have changed. In place of the feeling that originally took over them they are back to taking and demanding what they want from others. Love is not possible in such a situation. In fact some people aren’t able to marry because of their inability to separate from being a taker even for a moment. The only real and lasting connection between man and wife happens when they are both givers. Then their love will not stop and their lives will be filled with wealth and goodness forever.

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