Gedalya is a folk rock singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his music is reaching a growing audience around the globe, touching listener’s hearts in every corner of the world. He emerged in 2017 with his first publicly released single The Thunder. This simple soulful piano/vocal song immediately stood out from the crowd.

Although he'd been writing and performing since the early 1990's and had a bit of a following in NYC's Greenwich Village with songs like If I Were Superman and Through the Glass his primary focus was to grow as an artist, find his voice and begin adding some layers to his sound before releasing anything on a larger scale. 

His debut EP Man of Faith produced by Craig Levy at Little Pioneer Studios in downtown NYC contains six songs. They feature the moving piano and heartfelt lyrics fans have come to expect, while adding new elements to the mix. Orchestral strings add a dramatic flair to ‘The Book of the Divine’, while title track ‘Man of Faith’ is propelled forward by an uplifting jazz infused drumbeat. Gedalya says the EP was inspired in part by a personal journey and was written while on a trip to Israel while sitting by The Western Wall. One of the songs, Looking for a Leader addresses the state of the world with rare honesty and candor. 

As a result Gedalya began to attract fans from all walks of life. While writing the songs that would become his next EPPulling StringsGedalya traveled the world, performing, communicating with and learning from fans. He began asking fans to share their diary entrees about his music. They were happy to oblige. In Miami a young woman wrote “Your songs are so easily relatable. They touch the soul.” Two newlyweds in Ohio added “Your melodies are as beautiful as your voice!” The growing bond between artist and listener inspired Gedalya. He poured his entire soul into Pulling Strings which was released in 2018 and embraced with open arms by his ever expanding fanbase. 

True to form, Gedalya quickly started working on new music and has begun to release some singles from his 2020 collection of new songs. The first single Giving Feels Good  was given a great review and is receiving radio airplay worldwide. 

Gedalya continues to perform regularly in traditional venues, house concerts, subway platforms and YouTube Live. His albums are available on all streaming services. All you have to do is close your eyes and connect to Gedalya’s soulful music.