Gedalya returns to roots with a mashup of two classic songs 

The Folk-Rock Rabbi takes listeners on a musical journey with the re-release of 'A Knock at the Door' and 'The Promised Land'  

(New York) As Gedalya, better known as the folk-rock rabbi, continues looking back at his long music journey…

Presenting to the World Gedalya, the Folk-Rock Rabbi  

Mixing Rich and Beautiful Folk and Rock Music: Presenting to the World Gedalya, the Folk-Rock Rabbi 

Creating magic with each track, Gedalya is on the right path to become an authentic indie sensation with his beautiful folk and rock musical…

News About Gedalya 

My Little World available now on all major music platforms after successful run as a exclusive 

(New York) Even after finishing 2020 with a new album, the launch of an online music outreach not for profit and the development