A New Song is raising funds to travel to perform our Concerts for Prisoners music event.
We're hoping that we can be a source of inspiration, strength and add something positive to their rehabilitation process with our music.
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A New Song USA launches prison concert series 

A New Song USA brings their powerful unique message of hope to prisoners 

NEW YORK — For Geoffrey Sloshay, best known as the Folk-Rock Rabbi Gedalya and founder of A New Song USA, music carries a special meaning and an inherent ability to inspire the best in a person. 

And so, with an eye toward connection and healing, he has launched an effort to perform in prisons, with the desire to see his message inspire those in need. 

After hearing stories about the difficulties of prisoner rehabilitation, he saw a need for an infusion of positivity. 

His latest campaign looks toward sharing Gedalya's mix of uplifting messages and upbeat pop in a setting that is typically anything but. 

He also sees the effort as a natural extension of A New Song USA, a non-profit Sloshay launched in 2020 to promote songs with an uplifting message on the internet. 

"When I started this non-profit, my idea was that, if we can put a message out there with music, people will be open to receiving it because music can elevate a soul and kind of give a person an escape from the things that are holding them down from making positive changes in life," Sloshay said. "You see, we feel that if a person can hear a message that emphasizes becoming a better human being and not the message that we hear all day long from every corner of life about having more or being the best, they will make positive decisions." 

"Rather, we'd like to fill the airwaves across the U.S. with songs that speak about faith, kindness and unity," Sloshay said. 

He said his goal in performing for prisoners is to give them hope. 

"I want to show them they still have an opportunity to reevaluate what life is all about and to prepare themselves to be a positive member of society and also enjoy life." Sloshay said. 

While he hopes to make a connection that inspires, he also recognizes his particular style of heartfelt folk-rock may not appeal to everyone. 

But if he can inspire just one person to make good decisions when faced with the countless struggles we all face, he said it is worth it. 

"Now, our songs don't preach or tell anyone what to do, but that's the power of music," Sloshay said. "It can get into the heart and soul of a person and be a tool to help motivate them, and we hope to motivate and inspire something positive. 

To donate or for more information about A New Song USA, visit anewsongusa.com

For more about Sloshay, visit gedalyasings.com.

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