Pulling Strings Campaign

The choices we make, our actions, truly affect the way things are and the kind of world we live in.
Imagine if we lived with the awareness that our choices make our future? Because they do!
This song was released before the Corona Virus hit us all and really makes one think about life and change. Enable us to promote this song with it's powerful message on the internet by donating to A New Song USA Now!
Thanks you so much for joining us in this worthy cause.

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A New Song is a tax deductible charity registered with the IRS.   (tax ID: 852049604)


Newly created non-profit promotes the power of positive music 


Positive music has long been understood to have the ability to foster change in the world. With that in mind a newly created non-profit organization - founded by accomplished singer/songwriter Geoffrey Sloshay - is working to showcase music that focuses on universally uplifting messages. 

A New Song USA launched in December with a website and social media presence, and has already generated a growing following. “I wanted to create awareness around the impact of everything we see and hear,” Sloshay said. “The ability of music to lift spirits and create change is tremendous and with A New Song USA we can harness that power to bring about positive change in the world.” 

“Music can be used in so many ways,” he said. “It can take a listener on a powerful journey of self-exploration, or investigate the depths of love and kindness. With the not-for-profit, I hope to bring enlightened musical choices to the masses. I want to create a center of uplifting music for all of those that desire to see everyone work together for a better world.” 

Sloshay’s work has been generating growing attention, a credit he said to the positivity in his music.  “This is just a first step,” Sloshay said. “In the future, we hope A New Song USA can feature artists with good moral character that can serve as role models. I believe positive action starts with hearing a positive message and with A New Song USA we hope to share songs written and performed by artists that everyone can look up to.” 

Sloshay, who performs under his stage name Gedalya and has long been known as the “folk-rock Rabbi,” pulled from his own collection to launch the website with the hope of drawing interest from other musicians that perform music with meaning, and to also secure sponsors. “Our current featured song, Pulling Strings is emblematic of the message A New Song USA is looking to promote,” Sloshay said. I believe in the power of music and the messages contained in songs. A New Song USA is a way to promote good music to those that may not otherwise receive it. 

We are looking to promote artists that share a universal message that people can be affected positively by.” 

The song Pulling Strings has received great reviews as well as on-line radio play and is available to hear at  A New Song USA as well as gedalyasings.com, along with works going back to the earliest recordings of music by the singer/songwriter. “By sharing this music, we are helping to not just make a difference for the musicians we focus on, but to help others make a difference in their own lives and communities in locations around the world,” Sloshay said. “Nothing makes me happier than knowing that the music we are working to promote is creating ripples of positivity that will spread throughout the world.” 

While the program continues to source funding and artists to promote, Sloshay said any help is vital to creating those positive changes. “In the early days of any not-for-profit finding all of the partnerships that will create a successful organization is vital,” Sloshay said. “So far, we have seen how important this work is for our backers and I am certain as we continue to work and grow, we will find more music to promote and solidify our impact in the world of music production and promotion. The more people that sign on, sign up, donate or spread the word the stronger the message that positive music can create real change.” 

“Think about the message we get from the music we hear, how our thoughts, speech and actions are so influenced,” he said. “For those that support us, I say only, ‘Let’s fill the airwaves with songs that speak about the constant endeavor to become better.’ All of your donations enable us to promote our artists and their positive messages throughout the world. Music is such an incredible tool; let's use it for good.”  More information about the organization can be found at anewsongusa.com.  More about A New Song USA founder Geoffrey Sloshay, including his newest music can be found at gedalyasings.com.


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