Folk-rock Rabbi Gedalya ends 2020 on a high note with new album 

2020 Visionary showcases uplifting new work from the singer-songwriter 

(New York) Breathing light into a time of tribulation, Gedalya, known by his fans as the Folk-rock Rabbi, released 2020 Visionary on New Year’s Eve, giving listeners a sweet denouement on a year that was anything but. 

The six song EP is available for download now at

“Some may think this is the worst time to release an album that praises positivity, reminds people to be kind to each other and to seek out good when it is missing, but even among the difficulty loving acts still transpired this year and as we look back, I wanted people to reflect more on those good things,” Gedalya said. 

 “It’s really a passion project for me that I think people will find comfort in,” he said. “’Conspiracy Theories’ is a fun track that got some attention as a single earlier this year. ‘Giving Feels Good’ shares a message of community, ‘The Lord is Kind’ talks about universal truth and justice, on top of a light pop beat. On this album are some of my best tracks, and I really hope everyone hops on my website and gives them a listen. I think they will enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.” 

The six tracks included in 2020 Visionary are: 

Conspiracy Theories 

Divine Inspiration 

So Long 

Giving Feels Good 

Take Time Out 

The Lord is Kind 

While the album release may culminate the year for Gedalya, it is only one of many projects the singer-song writer took on in 2020. 

A New Song USA is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization that directly promotes inspiring music he launched in the fall. 

“I was so proud to announce the launch of A New Song USA, “Gedalya said. “The ability to spread the power of positive, family-friendly, uplifting music is tremendous and to all of our supporters I offer a sincere ‘Thank You.’ I look forward to seeing how far we can take this in 2021.” 

Gedalya also moved his entire collection onto his website this year, including a collection of piano and vocal works from 1990-2015. 

“This year I made the exclusive location to stream my music online,” Gedalya said. “Having everything in one place is so nice for the listener that wants to explore my entire catalogue, including those early tracks with just me and my piano.” 

And more is set to be added soon.

“Starting in 2021 there will be a new page on that features a different song each week that will be available for download and streaming. I love the idea that frequent visitors to my website will be able to amass my entire collection over the weeks for free.” 

The page will also feature information about the song and the lyrics. 

While 2020 was a big year for Gedalya, he is already looking towards new music for the new year. 

“Keep an eye out for information about my newest track set to release this month,” Gedalya said. “With this song 2021 is going to start with a bang!” 

More about Gedalya can be found at

He can also be found on Facebook.

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