Folk-rock Rabbi’s newest single explores remaining faithful in times of tribulation and success

Wrapping up a year of new music releases, folk-rock Rabbi Gedalya has released another single from the album 2020 Visionary, just in time to wrap up the year, with the full EP expected to drop on New Year’s Eve. 

“The Lord is Kind” is available for purchase and streaming (FREE to subscribers) now exclusively on Gedalya’s website

“Today, it seems that having faith is often seen as counter to being successful,” Gedalya said. “But it shouldn’t be seen that way, I want people to understand you can have both in life.” 

Finding a positive message is often a feature of Gedalya’s work and this song stays true to that missive, telling of a criminal that finds mercy and hanging its hat on finding grace when it is needed the most. 

“Faith is a mindset,” Gedalya said. “But so is success. Knowing that through faith you can find success is a powerful message that I don’t think we hear often enough. So, this song reflects that, but also the difference between the two, and how sometimes grace can be found in the worst of times in a person's life, but that can make all the difference.” 

People can always pursue their dreams, he said, and setbacks should not stop progress. 

“You shouldn’t feel the need to bang your head on the wall when things don’t go your way,” Gedalya said. “Life rarely goes exactly to plan, but your successes come from pursuing your dreams, and no one can take those away from you.” 

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“Through the song you hear the story of a man that could have easily given up,” he said. “He doesn’t. And whatever you want to call it – faith, love, grace, or just dumb luck – saw him through and delivered him to a better place. In this year of tragedies and celebrations, I cannot conceive of a more important message to wrap up 2020. Don’t settle, don’t relent to pressure and don’t let tragedy get in the way of your dreams.”  

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