Folk Rock Rabbi Gedalya reminds listeners no one is perfect with new release ‘I’m Not an Angel’  

(New York) As Americans continue to look for sure footing during turbulent times, Gedalya, known to his fans as the Folk-Rock rabbi, is making sure everyone understands it is okay to make mistakes with his new release “I’m Not an Angel,” available for streaming and digital download at 

“It’s easy to get down and believe nothing is going right in your life,” Gedalya said. “But what I want people to know is that it is okay to feel that way. We can try to live our best life, but no one is perfect.” 

He said that the ability to understand that being wrong is not a defect creates an opportunity to better connect with others. 

“With this song, I delve into that acceptance of the middle ground and the ability to accept things as they are, and find peace in that,” Gedalya said. 

The song leans into Gedalya’s classic and timeless Rock and Roll sound, with an upbeat melody that draws in the listener. 

“It’s all about embracing our mistakes,” he said. “You have to look back with a positive attitude at your mistakes and learn from them. That should be a joyous process.” 

He also explores the complexity of relationships by acknowledging that at some point, everyone will be faced with the reality of being objectively wrong. 

“Being human means standing behind incorrect ideas,” Gedalya said. “But if we love enough, we can look back and see our flawed nature sometimes leads us into believing falsehoods that hurt others, but if we can understand each other, we can learn to embrace acknowledging when we are wrong and when others are right.” 

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