Gedalya offers encouragement of personal development in first release of 2021  

The celebration ushering the end of the year and the beginning of the new is often a time of reflection and pause and Gedalya the artist popularly known as the Folk-rock Rabbi is using this new year to do exactly that and encourage others to do the same with the release of his newest single, “My Little World.” 

“Especially after a year that was so difficult, I find many people are taking time out to really try to understand everything that happened and how it impacted their own lives,” Gedalya said. “I know I did and that is what you hear reflected in “My Little World.” 

However, looking back is only a part of the transition from 2020 to 2021, imagining the possibilities of the new year is also important, he said. 

“We all have things that deep down we want to accomplish, or to be a part of,” Gedalya said. “This is a perfect time to really focus on those dreams and those goals. I think it is just a great way to kick off 2021.” 

The song also recognizes the difficulty in taking on challenging goal. 

“Everyone, but especially artists, have to push their way through challenges, whatever they may be to find their voice,” Gedalya said. “At its heart that is what this song is about; doing what is necessary to achieve that personal growth.” 

“It’s not always easy to pursue a dream, but it is always worth it,” he said. “The challenge is finding the strength to go out and get what you want from life. I hope everyone can find encouragement from my newest song. I think it is a great way to start 2021 and I hope you do to.” 

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  • Rivka
    Loved this song, super powerful I really resonated with the line about wanting to be heard.

    Loved this song, super powerful I really resonated with the line about wanting to be heard.

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