Latest release from Gedalya reflects on his three-decade career with an updated version of a classic song  

The Folk-Rock Rabbi tells a personal story with 'If I Were Superman'  

(New York) Geoffrey Sloshay, better known as Gedalya, the Folk-rock rabbi, is back again with another one of his infectious songs, but this time taking it back to his beginnings in New York in 1991.  

With his release, If I Were Superman, Gedalya shares a powerful message that resonates now as much as it did then, but with an impressive array of musicality that transcends the decades, the song has found a new life as challenges across the world bring people to look inward.  

"At the time I wrote, If I Were Superman, I was living in Queens, in a small apartment with my father and was determined to find a way to be a Rockstar, no matter what," Gedalya said. "It was the first effort toward achieving my goals, and so carries a special meaning for me, and I am proud to share it once again, all these years later, with the hope that others will find special meaning in it as well."  

A more low-key version of the song was released on Gedalya's collection of piano and vocal tracks, but with a fresh take, accompanied by powerful supporting vocals and a more produced sound, If I Were Superman brings that same powerful message to a new audience.  

"It’s about dreams,” Gedalya said. “My dreams, the listeners' dreams, our collective dreams, and how we all share the same deep feeling that if we had the chance, we can truly make a difference and create a better world.”  

“For thirty years, this song has been in my repertoire,” he said. “And now, with this latest version and release, a whole new generation can experience a message that will hopefully strengthen their own belief in themselves and help to unite us all.”  


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