Wake Up!

Folk-Rock Rabbi explores living in latest release 

Gedalya looks toward his experiences to create song that pushes the listener to explore their motivations 

NEW YORK (August 2, 2022) — “Are you eating to live, or living to eat?” 

Wake Up, the newest single from Gedalya, popularly known as the Folk-Rock Rabbi, departs from his typical folk sound to explore that question alongside a driving pop beat and spoken word lyrics. 

“The song dates back to some of my earliest explorations into a religious life,” Gedalya said. “On a trip to Israel in the 90s, a Rabbi asked me that question, and it immediacy struck me as a deeply profound thought.” 

From that question, Gedalya’s song pushes the listener to dig into their goals and motivations. 

“The things that make us feel alive shouldn’t be an afterthought to our daily responsibilities,” Gedalya said. “Unless you want your life to pass you by, the song warns the listener to wake up and find ways to live their best life while finding the incredible opportunities all around.” 

He said those opportunities may not always work out but often lead to rewarding and memorable experiences. 

“In the song, I share a couple of examples of times in my life where the desire to please put me in positions that were less than desirable,” Gedalya said. “But those activities are a part of me and will be forever. From that, I am grateful for the experience, but as many do, I wish I had been more engaged with the bigger picture.” 

With Wake Up, he hopes the audience finds solace in their actions and takes advantage of life's opportunities. 

“Each of us is given this life, but it’s up to us to make the most of it,” Gedalya said. “I hope this song helps the listeners understand what they want from life and gives them the drive to pursue it.” 

For more about Gedalya or to hear Wake Up, visit gedalyasings.com.

Press release by James Bell - pressmadeeasy.com

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