With latest release Folk-rock rabbi Gedalya asks listeners to look ahead with focus  

‘The End of Days’ shares a powerful message of finding the light by using experience to influence future decisions 

(New York) With his newest release Gedalya, the Folk-rock rabbi, takes listeners through a musical reflection of life decisions – good or bad. 

Opening the track, Gedalya opens with the dichotomous nature of planning and its effect on lives. 

“Some people will look far ahead and foresee the impact their actions may have on themselves and those around them, but others have a more laissez-faire approach,” Gedalya said. “But no matter their choices, good or bad, everyone will at some point become aware and atone for their transgressions.” 

He said with the song, he hopes more people will understand finding better days ahead relies on understanding their ability to make positive decisions and rejecting negative influences. 

Experience and reasoning are crucial to making good life decisions, Gedalya said. 

“Our intelligence is by far our greatest tool,” he said. “It’s unfortunate more don’t understand that if they desire a better life, whatever that may mean to the individual, using resources at their disposal, like their own understanding of the world can be a tremendous asset.” 

“When people use their greatest tool – their intelligence – and analyze their decision, they will often find the right path. With The End of Days, I want to encourage everyone to find their best self by making affirmative choices.” 

For Gedalya, sharing a message of good choices is a personal one, dating back to an experience in his own life. 

“When I was writing The End of Days, I reflected on a time as a teenager, when some within my circle concocted a plan to rob a local shop, and I tried to warn them it was a bad idea,” Gedalya said. “But as much as I tried, my message fell upon deaf ears, and they went through with their plan, only to be caught a short time later.” 

“Each of us must choose a path to follow, and with this song, I hope to reach those struggling with their direction and give them a small push to making the better choice. Making the choice will be their own, but I’m sure for those that learn from my experiences and The End of Days will find a lesson from music is preferred over learning the hard way.” 

The song is also slated to be featured at A New Song USA, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using music to create positive change. 

More about Gedalya, including a playable version of his newest single, The End of Days, can be found at gedalyasings.com. 

He can also be found on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tictok

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