State of Grace


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I was on a plane from a small town in Utah to Salt Lake City. We were delayed on the runway for quite a while. The air conditioning was turned off while we were on the runway and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. I sat there trying to ignore my personal discomfort and to rise above the situation. As I sat, I tried to keep my mind in a good place, then I sensed this feeling come over me. I wanted to utilize the moment in a positive way. I looked around and saw the other passengers who were also sweating and uncomfortable. It was a small plane with only one flight attendant, and I decided to go over to her to see if she had some water that could be taken around the plane. At first she was a bit concerned that there wouldn’t be time to begin because she could get the call from the captain at any moment to prepare for takeoff. I asked her, “what if I help you and we move really fast? I’ll go to the back and work my way forward and we’ll meet in the middle?” She looked at me and said, “Ok”. She -gave me cups and water and I hurried to the back and it wasn’t long before my fellow passengers had a drink and felt better.

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