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Song of the week is a new page I've created to give you a taste of my sound, what I'm about as an artist, my message and what you can expect to get from my music. The song of the week is available for FREE Streams & Downloading. 
I've placed a tip jar on the page hoping that just as I'm giving what I have to give to you and yours you will give back to me and mine. Wishing you only good things, Gedalya 

The Book of the Divine 

The picture on the wall sent a shiver down my spine 
I should have turned away but it caught me by surprise 
I can’t believe a gaze can go so deep inside  
Went out right away and bought the Book of the Divine 

Walking down the street I saw a ring so fine  
Took it to the jeweler he said it wasn’t worth a dime   
Once again been fooled by a superficial shine  
Should have kept my eyes on the Book of the Divine 

The man I knew was humble a quality so fine  
He set a course in life and always walked the line  
A servant of the Lord and a lover of mankind  
All because he delved into the book of the divine  

The trail that I have taken didn’t have a guide  
Wish I would have picked a path that didn’t slip and slide  
I learned from my experience but forty years went by 
I’m gonna raise my child on the book of the divine  

The voice inside my head annoys me all the time  
I tried a little whisky then I had a bit of wine  
One night I was astonished when that voice abruptly died    
When I said a word from the book of the divine 

What if one’s a dreamer and puts on a disguise     
I went to a philosopher to see what he’d advise 
First he took my money then he told me lies 
I could tell he never looked inside the book of the divine  

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