The Lesson of the Flame

Singer-songwriter Gedalya reflects on holiday season with new single, The Lesson of the Flame.

Dec. 1, 2020 (New York) – Just in time for Hanukkah, Folk-rock singer-songwriter Gedalya has released “The Lesson of the Flame,” a musical reflection of the need for positive spirituality during difficult situations. 

“Finding ways to get through hardship is central to religion,” Gedalya said. “And I wanted this song to reflect the powerful combination of faith and positivity. 

“It’s my first time writing a holiday song, or even writing a song directly about Judaism, for that matter,” he said. “Even though I wrote the song with the holiday season in mind, it’s about more than just the annual celebration. I wanted to convey the power in continuity and history. This Hanukkah many of us are experiencing a year of tragedies, but by learning from tradition and remaining faithful we can find better times. I tried to reflect that in ‘The Lesson of the Flame.’” 

The song speaks directly to the power of positivity, especially during times of tribulation. 

“Finding yourself can be a challenge, especially when times are difficult,” Gedalya said. “This year especially I have seen so many struggles with what is happening in the world. I wanted to make sure they heard a positive message for the holiday, but also I wanted anyone that hears the song to feel – deep down – that their situation can also get better. Now is the time to look inward to find the strength to make it to those better times.” 

While the song reflects Gedalya’s faith, he said its spiritual message is universal. 

“I wanted ‘The Lesson of the Flame’ to speak directly to the listener’s soul,” he said. “But the message of the song is not inherent to a particular faith; rather it speaks to a state of being. It’s a frame of mind that brings light to the dark and the blessings of that kind of a life are tremendous.” 

More about Gedalya can be found at He can also be found on Facebook 


The Lesson of the Flame


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When we light the Chanukah menorah there is a lesson we can contemplate and remember. The Jewish men who fought against the Greeks in those times gave their all to see through the lies of the surrounding Greek philosophy and preserve the truth of the Torah. Because of their self-sacrifice they merited a miracle, who's purpose was to reveal to them that G-d recognized their efforts and because of it they were given divine assistance. Future generations now have this lesson inside of us that even in the darkest of times we can also receive divine assistance when we put in our effort to see through the lies around us and seek to find the truth.

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