1. A Song Is Born
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An autobiographical tune.


A Song is Born

Living in a studio apartment in Briarwood Queens
Working on my music going after my dreams
Didn’t have much money living day to day
Enough for food and rent and an occasional matinee

I’d get up in the morning take an early F train
Go into the city make my daily wage
Then take a walk in the park if the weather was warm
Or get some coffee and write until a song was born

I like to travel it opens up my mind
I like to meet new people and hear about their lives
Never been too religious but I have a lot of faith
Using my music to help me find my place

One night I was thinking my thoughts traveled deep
Drinkin’ so much coffee couldn’t fall asleep
As I lie in bed that night I began to pray
If anybody’s out there please help me find my way

It was a stormy night I was sitting alone in my room
An old piano and singing out of tune
Had a poem I wrote and started to play a chord
Sat there all night long until a song was born