From the recording Folk Rock Rabbi 2018-2021

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Gedalya offers listeners a classically Folk-fueled and morally upstanding listening experience with his original song, Giving Feels Good! Pleasantly warm instrumentals and endearing vocal harmonies swirl around appeals towards a more charitable humanity as Gedalya encourages listeners through thoughtfully wrought lyricism and engaging melodies!
The mix on this is really well-polished! Great lyrical message, very clear and concise. The chorus has a very catchy melody, and pairs well with the lyrics to make the song memorable and engaging. Wonderful vocal tones, very pleasant and perfect for the style. Great work!
With morally upright underpinnings and a bold lyrical clarity, Giving Feels Good is a perfect musical reminder for humans of all ages to pursue charity and selflessness as a means of self-satisfaction! Beautifully supported by smooth organ tones and a wealth of inviting instrumental sounds, Gedalya's Giving Feels Good offers a musically approachable and lyrically reflective listening experience designed to bring out the best in all of us! - Jon W.