Concerts for Homeless Shelters

A New Song USA Homeless Shelter Performance

Homelessness is a blight on our society - an issue that is often ignored and swept under the rug, leaving our most vulnerable citizens to suffer in silence. Folk-Rock Rabbi Gedalya is seeking to bring dignity and hope back to the homeless with the launch of ‘A New Song USA's Concerts for Homeless Shelters.’

Gedalya’s mission is to bring his inspirational songs to homeless shelters throughout the country through live performances. While he is driven by his Jewish faith, the songs he performs are universal in nature, appealing to anyone who is down and out, searching for a way to take control of their life, and hopefully become a productive member of society.

Folk-Rock Rabbi Gedalya says, "Words from the heart enter the heart, and my goal is as it's always been, to give a sincere performance that will inspire a brighter world."

Being in a homeless shelter is a frightening experience. Through the power of music, Gedalya hopes that he can bring light and empathy to people who need it the most and guide them towards a happier life.

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